Here’s my guide of amateur advice after recently recording videos of some sports matches:

  1. Take your phone and record a video until your arm gets tired
    • For less shaky video buy a tripod with a phone holder
  2. Record at lower quality to save storage space
    • Quality is easier to select when recording with the Open Camera or Camera MX apps on Android
    • Or, rather get and use an SD card
  3. Remember to fully charge your phone before recording
    • A powerbank/battery pack helps a lot
  4. Copy the video to your PC via USB or Wifi
  5. Edit videos with OpenShot Video Editor
    • You can cut, paste & easily edit videos into sections
    • Add various transitions & effects and customise properties (e.g. scaling/zoom, rotation, shear, playback speed, volume)
    • Create intro & outro “titles” and use “tracks” to overlay titles or new audio (or other video) over original video
    • When exporting video, set “Quality” setting manually (under Advanced -> Video Settings -> Bit Rate/Quality) to match that of your original video (viewable in VLC -> Media/Codec information -> Statistics)
  6. Upload to Youtube